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Dianne Simmons Grab Corner

Vestibular Disorders

Vestibular disorders are often overlooked in life care plans as well as in treatment. When vestibular disorders are treated, it can add quality of life as well as enhance a life care plan. The goal of this article is to allow vestibular disorders to be evaluated and...

Visual Problems Following Acquired Brain Injury

Visual problems following an acquired brain injury, such as reading difficulty, visual field loss, and visual perceptual motor deficits, are frequently overlooked or neglected during treatment of the brain injury. This neglect often lengthens and impairs the...

When Working with a Pediatric Life Care Plan

Simmons Grab & Associates recognizes that the age, developmental stage, and ability to progress of the child should be taken into consideration in a pediatric life care plan.  As noted in the Second Edition of Pediatric Life Care Planning and Case Management,...

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